The great longing

I was on my way back to Chicago, I boarded the plane that will take me from Guam to Honolulu, Hawaii. Initially I had a Business class seat, but got upgraded to First Class. It was my first time to be in the First class cabin on an International flight and of course it was way better than the first class in a domestic flight.

imageRight in front of my seat was an Asian woman and a Caucasian guy. I immediately noticed their fondness of each other and I could tell they are lovers.

The guy’s eyes were literally twinkling as he talk to her, I could see the fondness in the way he looked at her while she had that look on her face like she’s so fascinated of whatever it was that he was telling her.

When the flight attendant approached them to give them the menu and asked them if they would like something to drink, the Asian woman responded that she just wanted orange juice. And then she turned to him and watched him speak to the flight attendant while he inquired about the kinds of wine available. She’s so fascinated of him and he enjoyed the adoring look she was giving him!

When the lights were dimmed, I saw their silhouettes as they briefly kissed each others lips. The Asian woman touched his face, from his forehead to his nose and then she gently traced his lips with her forefinger. The guy leaned a little bit more forward, they rubbed their foreheads against each other and mumbled some words while smiling at each other. Then they rubbed noses and briefly kissed again.

The seats in first class were far apart and separated with two side tables/platforms for the passengers’ things. It must have been so uncomfortable for them to lean sideways yet they talked for the whole duration of the 8 hour flight while holding each other’s hands. I wondered, what could they possibly be talking about for 8 hours and keep smiling?

I’m happy for both of them and at the same time I was really jealous.  I was almost teary eyed as I watched them and didn’t realized how much I have been longing to have what they have… conversation– a meeting of hearts and minds.