Illegal pleasures of the poor

It’s funny how people who were born and raised in the Philippines can be classified as “Illegal settlers” in their own so called home land. And the cry of the Filipinos– Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sayo. Now some privileged pricks think they could just get rid of them without a fight. I believe if they are in a public land/property they have all the right to defend their homes as you would your own country against those who would like to take away your rights to settle in the land where you were born whether these enemies are foreign or domestic.

I for one, am offended by this, being somebody who was born and raised in a squatter’s area. Those who complain about the garbage, my question is this, if these people decided to dispose their garbage properly, tell me how are they going to do it? Tell me where should this garbage be disposed? Seems to me this is a huge failure of the government to solve the problem of garbage disposal.

I ask the rich people, where do they think their garbage is being disposed? Ah, I know where, coz I have seen poor people living in garbage dumps.

I have been thinking about this issue and  it extremely infuriated me how some privilege a**hole like Bianca Gonzales would dare criticize these so called “squatters” when she have not the slightest idea of being poor and I mean real poor. How dare her even accuse them of being babies and having sense of entitlement when these same people work hard with their tears, sweat and blood so she could eat her cheeseburger. Seems to me she is the one who feels so entitled.

I am extremely angry, when they expect them to be able to afford 2,500 per month for 25 years to have a home. That’s a whopping 750,000 total. These people have been living under their mommy’s golden underwear and have no idea that a lot of the poor makes only 1,000 to 3,000 per month. Thanks to the government who said it is ok for a housemaid to be paid only 850 a month. By the way Bianca, how much do you pay your housemaid?

And whenever some poor people manage to somehow come up with a con to steal, leech and find ways around this corrupt government and dump we call society so they could afford to buy a big flat screen TV to distract them from thinking how miserable their lives are — A white collared slave idiot would rally against this illegal pleasure of the poor; thereby becoming a willing guardian and defender of this messed up system.

On my other post I talked about the old times when outright slavery of the black people was legal. Some slaves work in the farm, some on rich people’s yard and some were privileged enough to be house slaves. When the farm slaves complain about the harsh conditions they were in and found ways to cheat on their masters, taking breaks when the master is not looking and stealing some of the crops. The house slaves report them to their master and accuse them of being lazy and having feelings of self-entitlement. Ha! Little did they know, by doing so they are ensuring the perpetuation of the system that enslaved them all. For in the eyes of the master, there are no difference between the farm slave and the house slave. The only difference they see is the one between a good slave and a bad slave.

So in my opinion, I don’t care what the government say or some privileged bitch like Bianca Gonzales says, when my people complain and demand their rights to have a better life, whether their ways have been wrong, which they were forced to do wrong under the circumstances our government and society have put them in– I will take their side anytime and join the revolution. I will not be that house slave who would fault my people and accuse them of being lazy for taking breaks and stealing crops. F Bianca, F the government. SLAVE SOLIDARITY regardless of ranks and backgrounds!