My Dearest Paul

We were different but we were one
And together we sought for the sun
Indeed we were cut from the same cloth
We recognized the light in us both

You breathed life into my life
Brought me to unimaginable heights
Now on the ground where my shattered self lie
With tears and a smile I’m staring at the sky

I don’t want to move on, I don’t want to heal
Oh I beg, let not the passing days steal
Pieces of you I never want to forget
Memories and pain are all I have left

Let me then treasure this pain
For nothing more I will gain
This waves only you can tame
It aches but it’s my only flame

Oh please let me be in sorrow
For I desire no tomorrow
Let me be in the dark
Where memories spark

Where your laughter is pristine
Where I can see your childish grin
Let my years be filled with tears and laughter be unheard
Lest they drown the memories of how yours sounded

The way you kissed, the way you smiled
The way you cuddled me like a child
Let no more memories then be added
Lest I forget all that to my heart is embedded

Time is my friend and enemy to contend
My broken heart he will try to mend
Indeed he heals all wounds but not without a cost
He takes with him memories that matter most

Yet time is my true friend unabashed
Though he takes and his love is harsh
He is my only bridge to all that is yet to be written
Each day he brings, get me closer to seeing you again

For now let me fight this enemy
And guard the memories of you and me
Till time surrenders and put to rest my weary soul
Back to your loving arms again my dearest Paul

- Donna

Some of my friends got worried about me when they read the poem I wrote for Paul. So as not to make anyone worry I will try to explain myself and what I wrote. Please click continue reading.

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