Oh far have I travelled from Enki’s abode
All through the dark caverns of the underworld
Searching for him who possesses the key
The one that can calm my heart’s open sea

Wounded and worn from this long journey
Barely breathing, a miracle you found me
My love, my Nindara, could this really be
That this arduous search is over finally?

But why, as soon as you held me in your arms
Another child is now a crying orphan?
Cursed I, she’s begging, calling upon my name
Could I muffle my ears and not feel the pain?


I, Nanshe the Goddess of Social Justice
With my remaining breath I will cry for peace
This one certain Edimmu must be appeased
A proper burial her pleading request

My heart is wrenching for I can never win
This Edimmu will haunt again and again
And forever she will rip my chest open
And she’ll have me watch you wounded by her game

Oh Justice I serve, Justice I’m deprived
Compassion I cry, oh pity am I
So please hear my plea, All you Gods that decree
To the realms of Dumuzi, I would rather be

I beg!

Write, oh write my faithful scribe Nisaba
And send my love to my dearest Nindara
Remind him of the one that waits at Nina
Say never forget the Lady of Sirara

And let all purple flowers bloom
To appease her lamenting soul
For the journey is long
For those who walk alone

~ Nanshe