The Seed

Once there were 3 men each of them were given a chance to pick a seed from a bowl. They can do whatever they want with it.

The first man, liked the seed that he picked. He was so obssesed on knowing more about it, so he placed it on a table, under a microscope, he sliced it and picked it apart. After so much examination, he wept because he did not find anything interesting. And so he watched the broken pieces wither and die. So, he decided to pick another one from the bowl, thinking the first one he picked might just be too ordinary. He did the same thing and got the same result. He kept on going through many seeds and always ending up disappointed, he could not find that special seed.

The second man also liked the seed that he picked for whatever it is. He said to the seed, you are special the way you are because you are mine. So, he placed it in a jar and left it there. He was happy and secure because he know the seed will always be there. He would leave as he pleases and come back to see that the seed is still there. But something happened, the seed changed, it withered and died. The guy wept and said, I don’t like you anymore because you have changed. He picked more seeds from the bowl and got the same result.

The third man, also liked the seed that he picked but he was different from the first two men. He saw that it was a life and have a lot of potential. He planted it on good soil, he watered and nurtured it. Everyday he checks on it and he learned so much about it. Lo and behold, the seed grew and became a tree! From it, he built his home and live off its fruits! It gave him more seeds which he also planted and nurtured. Many birds, animals and humans benefited from the fruitfulness of the tree. Long after the guy was gone and the original tree was no more, the earth could still smell the fragrance of the original tree and the birds still sang to honor the memory of the tree and the man who nurtured it.