Science and Faith

faith and science

The big bang theory in essence assumes that in the beginning… a ball of energy existed and upon it’s explosion the universe as we know it was born. This scientific notion is as ridiculous as saying God existed in the beginning and caused the Universe. Both belief requires faith and acceptance of the premise that there was a primordial existence that caused everything. To this day I still remain Agnostic for that reason. In truth, none of us knows anything, and if everyone will humbly accept that, we will all be Agnostics.

3 thoughts on “Science and Faith

  1. i’ve never heard (not that i’ve been paying too much attention) of anyone proposing that the big bang was just one of many big bangs that happen continually throughout the universe. the one that happened 4.5 billion years ago was our beginning…but probably somewhere right now, another one is happening. the universe, as far as i understand, is riddled with black holes, which will eventually become singularities, thus creating new big bangs. the universe has always been, is in a constant state of flux (e.g. expanding here, contracting there), and can be conceptualized in many many ways. we were just lucky enough to get a ride.

    • True, but the very premise of these “beginnings” called big bang is that there is a ball of energy that exploded, a primordial existence that caused everything that exist now. If scientists were asked, how did this ball of energy existed? Their answer is either, it just is, always has been, or they don’t know. Wouldn’t that be the same answer that Creationists will say if they were asked how did their God came to be? Both premises requires faith. Atheists would like to believe that they are skeptics and rational but in truth they are also believers of tales that they know nothing about. They said, to see is to believe, yet they believe in mere propositions if they were laid out in an articulate manner. A true skeptic would be Agnostic.

  2. point well taken. as for now…i would still have to lean heavily towards the universe always being there. it’s hard for most to accept that there is no beginning or end, just change…but that’s what i believe. regardless, i will not dismiss the possibility that we’re just an experiment in a giant petri dish. now then…let’s talk about that fake hollywood moon landing ;)

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