What they deserve


Everyone is pretty loud, clear, and in agreement about what they deserve. But no one wants to be that for anyone.

“You do it first.”
“No, you first.”

Then they all die waiting.

Then there are those very few who realize they must become what they hope others would be for them. But they too, die waiting and become the saints and the ghosts that haunt everyone’s TOTGA shrines. (TOTGA = The One Who Got Away)

So, which comes first—the chicken or the egg?

But the farmers know: regardless of what you start with, whether it’s a chicken or an egg, you end up with both as long as the conditions are right.

If you nurture a tree, it will produce seeds that will also become trees that produces seeds that become trees.

And so they say, “You reap what you sow.”

But this I have observed: No one wants to be a farmer. And the few who understood they need to become farmers– farm alone. But everyone is present during the harvest season. And everyone feels entitled — loud and clear about what they “deserve”. The farmers say to themselves, “let the ones who starve eat the harvest, I can endure and wait till everyone realizes the value of farming. Then, I too, can have my fill.” So the farmer waits forever for that harvest that will never come.

So, no, you don’t reap what you sow. You get what you reap. But what is there to reap when no one is sowing?

“I want someone who understands me.”
Do you make efforts to understand anyone?

“I want someone who will be there for me, no matter what.”
Are you there for anyone no matter what?

“I want someone who will love me for who I am.”
Do you love anyone for who they are?

“I want someone who will take care of me.”
Are you taking care of anyone?

“Kids deserve this and that.”
Where is your adopted child? Where are you when children in your own neighborhood are being oppressed and abused?

A principle that does not evoke a sense of responsibility is a dead principle. It stinks like bad breath. So just keep your mouth shut and never speak about it.

Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah.

I digress. I’m drunk. But not from the alcohol that I have been chugging. But I’ll stop right here — because words fall short to describe my feelings and other thoughts.