The Sea

The Sea is calling for me again and the breeze is tempting me. My feet says stay here and grow your roots for once. My heart says, you do not belong here, don’t get stuck. My brain tells them — shut up, you two, and let me sleep.


Unto eternity unmoulded…

Unto eternity unmoulded I would give my hands,
And to untrodden fields assign my feet.
What joy is there in songs oft heard,
Whose tune the remembering ear arrests.
Ere the breath yields it to the wind?
My heart longs for what my heart conceives not,
And unto the unknown where memory dwells not,
I would command my spirit.
Oh, tempt me not with glory possessed,
And seek not to comfort me with your dream or mine,
For all that I am, and all that there is on earth,
And all that shall be, inviteth not my soul.

- The Earth Gods, 2nd Earth God – Kahlil Gibran


The great longing

I was on my way back to Chicago, I boarded the plane that will take me from Guam to Honolulu, Hawaii. Initially I had a Business class seat, but got upgraded to First Class. It was my first time to be in the First class cabin on an International flight and of course it was way better than the first class in a domestic flight.
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The Good that Can Be

Once upon a time I felt lonely
With the unpredictable wind I gambled away certainty
For I greatly wondered all the things that could be
With hopes that I will get that one good thing that I might see

In my quest I found a box, worn and torn as could be
My friends told me, leave it be, it is where it should be
But I’m a dreamer and I imagined all the best it can be
I labored to dug it out and finally took it home with me Continue reading



Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m into white guys. It’s just my preference since I was a kid. It’s not something I chose. I’m just naturally drawn to like them for some reason that I cannot explain. But on September 4, 2013, something occurred that changed me and my definition of physical beauty. I met Beauty himself, face to face and the whole experience inspired me to write this:

Just when you thought you know beauty,
And you’re dead set on your own definition,
It has a way of proving you wrong.
When you come face to face with Beauty,
All your definitions become irrelevant.
For Beauty can only be defined by itself.
It has the power to change you and your preferences,
It’s transcendental and comes in different colors.


The Time Traveler

I am traveling to the future.
And tomorrow I will arrive there just on time.
Yesterday is just a place in the fabric of time.
And though I don’t have the means to visit it,
I know in that place my father is young again,
Living the life that he lived and witnessed by me of the future.

I cry, not because I think he is gone, but because of the space and time that seem to separate us now. This seemingly unbridgeable gap is only an illusion, for yesterday and today both exist in time at the same time.

I rejoice, not because I think there is an afterlife but because I believe there is none, for life continued is just called life. In truth we never truly die.

In the future we will meet again. I may be a bird, and you could be a tree. My only hope is that this time I will not forget you just like how I forgot my many Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters and Children in the past. They surround me now yet I could not recognize them nor do they can me. Molecules and atoms float around and form continuously, infinitely; my fear is that you’re here and already — I do not recognize you.


Illegal pleasures of the poor

It’s funny how people who were born and raised in the Philippines can be classified as “Illegal settlers” in their own so called home land. And the cry of the Filipinos– Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sayo. Now some privileged pricks think they could just get rid of them without a fight. I believe if they are in a public land/property they have all the right to defend their homes as you would your own country against those who would like to take away your rights to settle in the land where you were born whether these enemies are foreign or domestic. Continue reading

Squatter village around Pasig area Manila Philippines.

The poor and the not so poor

It is almost laughable to watch somebody who has a white collar job getting paid a decent wage to live a somewhat comfortable life– look down on poor people who work hard jobs in extreme conditions and get paid dirt cheap. And how they rally and criticize the poor of being lazy and accuse them of having a feeling of self-entitlement. Continue reading


Sudden awareness to existence

This sudden rush of awareness to my own existence happens to me from time to time and each episode last only for a few seconds to about 2 minutes. When this happens, it feels as though I was just born and awoke to realize I exist. And a billion questions that I can’t yet name just overwhelms my brain, and all I can really focus on is WHY?!!! Continue reading