What matter of sin

What matter of sin does man have that he be damned for eternity?
What matter of sin, so severe, that even death would be a kinder sentence?
What matter of sin, I say, that he might need remdemption and a saviour?
As human, to the worst of my enemies, even I could not imagine,
a sin so forbidding that I will be too unkind to lay such ruthless punishment.
How much more, then, to my claimed cherished and beloved creation?

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Reasons reason

Reasons reason
But mind won’t mind
A million thoughts, a thousand plans
But you will, what you’re meant to do

Once I was a fool demanding a promise
Then I got a little bit smarter
Who needs empty promises? no one knows the future!
Then came assumptions — I realized, I’m still a fool

Promises are demanded
To have somebody to blame when you find your self lost and alone
Assumptions are assumed
So you can walk even though you are blind

I wish, I could
Walk in faith without assuming
Know my way without a promise
Enjoy the journey though the destination is unknown


Illegal pleasures of the poor

It’s funny how people who were born and raised in the Philippines can be classified as “Illegal settlers” in their own so called home land. And the cry of the Filipinos– Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sayo. Now some privileged pricks think they could just get rid of them without a fight. I believe if they are in a public land/property they have all the right to defend their homes as you would your own country against those who would like to take away your rights to settle in the land where you were born whether these enemies are foreign or domestic. Continue reading

Squatter village around Pasig area Manila Philippines.

The poor and the not so poor

It is almost laughable to watch somebody who has a white collar job getting paid a decent wage to live a somewhat comfortable life– look down on poor people who work hard jobs in extreme conditions and get paid dirt cheap. And how they rally and criticize the poor of being lazy and accuse them of having a feeling of self-entitlement. Continue reading


Sudden awareness to existence

This sudden rush of awareness to my own existence happens to me from time to time and each episode last only for a few seconds to about 2 minutes. When this happens, it feels as though I was just born and awoke to realize I exist. And a billion questions that I can’t yet name just overwhelms my brain, and all I can really focus on is WHY?!!! Continue reading