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To bleed in silence, for what must be done
To feel my heart tearing for what will be gone
To watch myself destroy what I once tried to build
To bind all my heart’s desire for what is needed

To feign coldness while my heart calls for your name
To pretend remoteness while I long to be near you

Is a painful death to my soul

But I would welcome death
In exchange for your freedom
For I cannot be with somebody
Whose ultimate dream is to be away from me



Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m into white guys. It’s just my preference since I was a kid. It’s not something I chose. I’m just naturally drawn to like them for some reason that I cannot explain. But on September 4, 2013, something occurred that changed me and my definition of physical beauty. I met Beauty himself, face to face and the whole experience inspired me to write this:

Just when you thought you know beauty,
And you’re dead set on your own definition,
It has a way of proving you wrong.
When you come face to face with Beauty,
All your definitions become irrelevant.
For Beauty can only be defined by itself.
It has the power to change you and your preferences,
It’s transcendental and comes in different colors.


The Time Traveler

I am traveling to the future.
And tomorrow I will arrive there just on time.
Yesterday is just a place in the fabric of time.
And though I don’t have the means to visit it,
I know in that place my father is young again,
Living the life that he lived and witnessed by me of the future.

I cry, not because I think he is gone, but because of the space and time that seem to separate us now. This seemingly unbridgeable gap is only an illusion, for yesterday and today both exist in time at the same time.

I rejoice, not because I think there is an afterlife but because I believe there is none, for life continued is just called life. In truth we never truly die.

In the future we will meet again. I may be a bird, and you could be a tree. My only hope is that this time I will not forget you just like how I forgot my many Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters and Children in the past. They surround me now yet I could not recognize them nor do they can me. Molecules and atoms float around and form continuously, infinitely; my fear is that you’re here and already — I do not recognize you.