Unto eternity unmoulded…

Unto eternity unmoulded I would give my hands,
And to untrodden fields assign my feet.
What joy is there in songs oft heard,
Whose tune the remembering ear arrests.
Ere the breath yields it to the wind?
My heart longs for what my heart conceives not,
And unto the unknown where memory dwells not,
I would command my spirit.
Oh, tempt me not with glory possessed,
And seek not to comfort me with your dream or mine,
For all that I am, and all that there is on earth,
And all that shall be, inviteth not my soul.

- The Earth Gods, 2nd Earth God – Kahlil Gibran


The great longing

I was on my way back to Chicago, I boarded the plane that will take me from Guam to Honolulu, Hawaii. Initially I had a Business class seat, but got upgraded to First Class. It was my first time to be in the First class cabin on an International flight and of course it was way better than the first class in a domestic flight.
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